Reasons for this page

Although in the page "by Sections" there is a "Sports" section, I have dedicated this page to only sports, for these reasons:

a) Specific informative modules, which did not belong in the "Sports" module of the "By Sections" page, and yes on this page, by:

- Informative saturation of sports that do not interest them: for example, add to the existing in the sports section of the page "by Sections", a permanent module of the ranking of points of the football teams.

- Aesthetic inconsistency of the "By Sections" page with non-title RSS modules: statistics, photos, videos. That is, if the web has a blue base color (header, menus, icon before the owner, color of the titles of the sections), so if I add a module of another color, because it is the default of the That module's sharer, because he sings, and the non-fan of that section does not tolerate it as much as the fan (which wants that information over aesthetic coherence).

b) Many people who pass the normal news and only want to read the sports section, without having to access sad news of violence (war, individual aggressions ...).

c) Enormous number of people interested in sports news.

d) Cover the large number of sports specialties.

e) Unworthy. Many people consider the "Sports" section unworthy of a generic newsletter, and that it should be in a separate generic post-training program, because they consider it:

- Repetitive, since it does not improve over the years, unlike the innovations of Health, Technology, Science, works of culture and leisure (films, series, TV programs).

- Unimportant: the owner of a possible nuclear war, or a real bombing of genocide in the north, is followed by the headline that the player considers that his next rival team, is complicated (because if it is small, the little ones grow up before the difficulties, and if it is big, because it is typical of a great being difficult to defeat). It seems to them a disproportion of transcendence to mix news of deaths and innovations, with the news of a game.

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