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Objective of this section: to show in a single block the best information imaginable [fruit of showing for each Section, exclusively the best informative source of that section (International, Sports ...). That single block is ideal for those who, like me:

1) The ones that want to spend all of their time of reading the news, reading the best, because they don ´t like to read the others, although they have time for it.

2) The ones that want to spend all of their time of reading the news, reading the best, because they don ´t like to read the others, because they have not time for it.

3) The ones who can´t stop reading all the news that they see that a traditional online newspaper shows by default, although they know they spend too much time on it. As this page shows a unique block, you may read by inertia the default section shown by this block, but in order to read the other sections we won´t do it until we click in their corresponding tab (we have to do an active fact).

The opinions are partly subjective, for which it could be accepted that there are at least "2 truths": that of the left and that of the right. Therefore (and because people are very "sides" and if you do not leave yours, it goes away, autoboicote not know arguments, and believing that only boycott the medium), because at least there will be 2 sources of "Opinion" and several of "Cover".

As I did in other pages of the web, I remember the visitors that ther may be other news more awarded [to a greater audience; or by the Goberment]. But I remember the visitors, that:

1) Prizes are not guarantee of anything: some Goberments are/were corrupt or/and incompetent); and from the audience, the masses do not always succeed).

2) This web shows RSS shared by the media who want their RSS to be shared, so if any media don´t want to share their news, they don´t create an RSS (or they don´t update it). They may do this in order to not being compared/complemented with other newspapers (or their sections), because they know that:

- They lie and/or they have a reputation based on an image (wear suit; a great television set; handsome/pretty presenters), and a RSS (in addittion) and image of the only a comparision it will be bad for their Both news have stopped sharing (to all, not only to this website) their news RSS feeds (perhaps, after fearing that they would lose in a comparison after the emergence of this web that grouped their holders that contributed in RSS format, to the side of others RSS of other news), so I show the news that do face a comparission.

Texas Republican who represents border communities issues warning on migrant surge: 'There's no end in sight'
Arizona woman arrested for alleged human smuggling of migrants: police
Memphis' district attorney will push bail reform despite critics blaming it for crime increases
Post Malone hospitalized with breathing difficulties, forced to cancel Boston show last minute
Pennsylvania police respond to 'mass causality event' after witnesses hear gunshots at theme park's Fall Fest
Liz Cheney on if she prefers Democrats hold House majority: 'It's a tough question'
Biden cancels DNC rally appearance in Orlando next week as Tropical Storm Ian strengthens over Caribbean Sea
LAWRENCE JONES: New Orleans becoming America's new murder capital is an 'absolute tragedy'
No. 23 Texas A&M's fumble recovery handed off for touchdown propels Aggies over No. 10 Arkansas
Republican turnout will exceed even what we predict: Robert Cahaly
DAN BONGINO: Is the United States on the communist fast track?
New Hampshire governor predicts a 'reckoning' this November for the Democratic Party
Pelicans, CJ McCollum agree to two-year extension worth $64 million: Reports
BRIAN KILMEADE: Democrats have decided if they can't create wins, steal them
Shannon Brandt: What we know about the North Dakota man who mowed down Cayler Ellingson with SUV
Texas morgues near border overwhelmed by migrant deaths: 'Not a single space in that cooler'
Beto O'Rourke says he doesn't regret confronting Abbott, other Texas officials in Uvalde after school shooting
Slain Georgia woman Debbie Collier remembered as beloved matriarch 'filled with joy and beauty'
Packers show support for star offensive lineman set to make season debut
North Korea fires missile into sea as US aircraft carrier arrives in region

Philippines on red alert as Super Typhoon Noru approaches
He thought he ordered a book by a Black financial adviser. The Nazi symbols inside shocked him
Protests, drafting mistakes and an exodus: Putin's mobilization off to chaotic start
Floridians brace for the arrival of Tropical Storm Ian, which may strengthen to become the state's first major hurricane in 4 years
Don't look up: Close encounters of the disaster movie kind
Young Iranians are rising up against decades of repression -- arguably bolder than ever
Italy expected to look right as polls open in national election
5 things to know about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year
Cubans to decide on same-sex marriage in national referendum
'I don't want to die for someone else's ambitions': Men across Russia face mobilization
North Korea fires ballistic missile into waters off east coast of Korean peninsula
Liz Cheney says she will not remain a Republican if Donald Trump is GOP nominee in 2024
Colorado police release video of police car with suspect inside hit by a train
'It is surreal': Canada's Atlantic coast residents describe devastation as Fiona wipes away homes and knocks out power for thousands
Tropical Storm Ian forecast to reach Category 4 strength as it tracks toward Florida
Gov. Gavin Newsom calls on Democrats to go on offense
Biden to tout climate package at Global Citizen Festival
Judge dismisses lawsuit over DOJ memo on school board threats
September 24, 2022 Russia-Ukraine News
EPA launches new office dedicated to environmental justice

I sincerely believe that the basis of a better world should be the easy possibility of comparing information, so that we are not deceived. To the countries that comply, their problems disappear in 4 days, either thanks to the Government, and / or companies and / or altruistic people (from millionaires to mileuristas). If you think this website is beneficial (the 1st guarantee of journalistic plurality by complementing one news item with another) and you want to contribute to its continuation as it does not use advertising, you can:

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