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Top Stories of Today

Late and leaky. How the UK failed to impose an effective quarantine system
President Biden announces 'major step forward' on vaccines
Biden flexes sweeping wartime powers as Republican governors go rogue on reopenings
The story behind Biden's first Cabinet nomination failure
China shutters website for pirated foreign content. Fans mourn a window to the uncensored world
Anti-Asian violence surging across the US
Christian Porter reveals he is the Australian minister accused of historical rape allegation
Police shoot stun grenades at peaceful Arab-Israeli protesters
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022
Biden administration never considered MBS sanctions a viable option in response to Khashoggi report
Microsoft says a group of cyberattackers tied to China hit its Exchange email servers
Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments and drank alcohol while working as White House physician
Airbase hosting US troops in Iraq targeted in rocket attack, coalition says
UN Security Council to discuss Ethiopia conflict following CNN investigation into Tigray massacre
Explosion reported near Covid-19 test center in the Netherlands
At least a dozen people were killed in horrific crash in rural California. Here's what we know
Dolly Parton adapts famous song to encourage people to take vaccine
Ex-WH spokesperson says she expected 'peaceful' rally on January 6. CNN's Keilar rolls the tape
Investigators to examine data from the black box of the car Tiger Woods was driving in crash
This island nation aims to produce its own Covid-19 vaccine




United States

Private payrolls growth well short of expectations for February, ADP says
Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Lyft, Las Vegas Sands, Wendy's & more
America's biggest companies push for path to citizenship for 'Dreamers'
Treasury yields rise following Biden's vaccine supply pledge
Gov. Andrew Cuomo?s 'casual sexism' hinders equality for everyone, author says
AppLovin joins parade of video game companies headed for public market after 2020 sales hit $1.45 billion
Hedge fund chief Thomas Sandell pays $105 million to settle New York tax fraud claim
Japanese billionaire to fly eight members of the public on SpaceX moon flight
President Joe Biden urges states to vaccinate teachers, school staff this month
SpaceX is building a factory in Austin, Texas for Starlink satellite internet equipment
Detroit expands Covid vaccine eligibility to autoworkers
Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen wields podcast in fight against ex-president
Real estate title firm Doma, backed by Lennar, to go public in deal with SPAC
Texas, Mississippi lift Covid restrictions and mask mandates, despite CDC warnings
Lyft says it just had its best week for rides since pandemic lockdowns began
Facebook lowers expectations for its upcoming Ray-Ban smart glasses
NIH halts trial of Covid plasma treatment after researchers found no benefit
Biden SEC pick Gensler grilled over bitcoin, GameStop mania and board diversity
Facebook's growth rate could be impacted by Covid vaccines as consumers shift spending to services, CFO says
As Ebola spreads in Africa, CDC requires airlines to collect contact information on travelers from DRC, Guinea
Democrats aim to send $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill to Biden by the end of next week
Supreme Court justices consider extent of voting-rights protections for minorities
10% GDP growth? The U.S. economy is on fire, and is about to get stoked even more
Square closes up nearly 5% after Jack Dorsey's company launches its own bank
New planes, training and hiring: Airlines are planning for a rebound after dismal pandemic year
Microsoft shows off its vision for future meetings, with your colleagues as holograms floating in space
11 Senate Democrats push Biden to include recurring checks, jobless aid in next big bill
House panel investigates One Medical for allegedly letting rich clients cut Covid vaccine line
Tesla vs. Lucid: Here's how the EV rivals are and aren't alike
Elizabeth Warren rips stock buybacks as 'nothing but paper manipulation'







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